Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's in my school bag?

Hey my loves! So back to school is right around the corner, and as much as I LOVE summer, I'm actually kinda looking forward to school...a little. I absolutely love supplies shopping and getting all of my things for school organized! I have yet to pick out a tote bag for school, but I know exactly what I will have in my bag. Hope this helps you get organized!

Here's what I will have...

Small things:
-Chapstick (Burt's Bees original)
- 3-4 Band-aids
-(mini) hand lotion from bath and body works
-(mini) Juicy Couture perfume (viva la juicy)
- Deodorant (you can find the mini travel size ones in any drugstore)
-Lipstick I am wearing that day
-Gum (trident is my favorite)
-A few dollars $$ or my wallet (Vera Bradley: "Carry It All Wristlet" in "Boysenberry")
-Glasses in my Vera Bradley case (also in the color "Boysenberry")
-Pads (gotta have those! I keep mine in a wristlet so no one knows)

Everything else:
-5 subject notebook (Mead: in pink)
-Laptop (sometimes)
-6 folders for my 6 subjects (All Labeled and different colors)
-Calculator (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition (in pink)
-A book of my choice or magazine (usually something fashion related. I am not a fan of reading, but a lot of times after tests, my teachers tell us to read, so I kind of need a book)
-Subject books that are given to us by the school
-Planner (from Walmart or Target)
-(mini) notebook ("Audrey Hepburn" from Target)

Pencil case:
I haven't gotten my pencil case yet either, but I am hoping to get a Vera Bradley one in the color "Boysenberry", but this is what it would include:
-Ticonderoga pencils (original and the black ones)
-3-4 highlighters
-Pens (usually good pens like pilot pens. I know they are expensive but in high school you need decent pens to take a lot of notes!)
-1-2 colored pens
-(mini) sticky notes
-A few paper clips and binder clips
-One more Chapstick

Now I know this is a lot to bring in my school bag, but It all fits! I hope this helps you guys :)
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  1. nice read hun!
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  2. Hey! Long time no post! Where are you?

  3. thankks (: I carry Chapstick EVERYWHERE I go . && what Font it this ? -I really like it

    1. I carry chapstick too! It's awesome. I'm really not sure of the font, if I find out, I'll let you know (: