Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the mood to BLOG!

Hey loves! Okay so every single time I blog, I always go missing in action after. NOT GOOD! One of my new years resolutions was to blog more and I am definitely going to try to do that. So this blog post really isn't about much. I just finished midterms last week and they were so horrible and not fun at all! If you need help dealing with stress, here are my tips and tricks ;) http://www.youtube.com/user/GiftofGlamour8?feature=mhee#p/u/6/8CBewSSAppg

Anyways, I've been really into spring fashion and it feels SO early to be thinking about this, right? I've been loving how the colored jeans (pastel) is coming back in style. Call me crazy, but I think it's so edgy, yet at other times, paired with the right delicate shirt, can be super girls and feminine. I'm also in love with the grecian look, I mean of course, I'm Greek, but I just love all the pastels mixed with golds and tan colors I just think gold with anything makes an outfit so sophisticated and beautiful.

I've been thinking about prom a lot lately, just about makeup, hair, all of that! I'm just more excited now compared to awhile ago. It all seems like so much more fun when the months creep closer to the day! Speaking of prom.. I GOT MY DRESS! I'm so very excited and happy with it, it's so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Honestly, if you are someone looking early for a prom dress and you see one but feel like it's too early, JUST BUY IT! I tried this one on and this was the only store we went to. I felt like a princess when I put the dress on, it was just perfect for me. For those of you who are subscribed to me on YouTube, I will be doing a prom series soon whichI am VERY excited for! I'm hoping to have a lot of friend appearances to help me out with makeup tutorials and opinions on dresses and dates and all that good stuff! ALSO, if you need opinions on your dress, then I would be more than happy to help! Just email me your dress selections and I'll help (:

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

iPhone 4s, Sick, Most wonderful time of the year...

I'm back! Wow. I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post and I'm so sorry to the people who follow me! You all know how life is, it gets very busy! I've been crazy busy with school work, tests, projects, homework...all that fun stuff!

Anyways, enough with that boring school stuff. Every single time I go to blog, I draw a blank. I never seem to know what to talk about! So today, I'm just going to ramble about random things happening in my life, hope you don't mind!

So last week, I did it, I got the iPhone 4s!!! So exciting and so worth it. I never gave in to all the hype about how "amazing" the phone was, but it so is! It's like a mini computer in a phone! ahh. I can't even rave about it enough it's just so fun to play with. follow me on "instagram" :)) littlehooligan8 <-- username! I've been loving the app because it makes so many simple pictures so beautiful and so original. It gives the average person the feeling of being a "photographer". We can all take beautiful pictures! Let's see what other apps I love.. hmm.. I love "shazam" because whenever I don't know a songs name, I use this app, it's so easy! It's great because I find a lot of good new music using this! Words with Friends is also SO much fun.. almost everyone I know plays this game, it's so addicting! :P

So enough about the iPhone, onto a blahh kinda subject. I'm sick :( I've been doing so good this year not getting sick or catching anyones colds, but this week I caught a cold! I'm so stressed with homework, and everything that comes with being sick! I need vacation!! Don't we all? Hope you all are in good health and doing well. Being sick messes your whole week up!

Last but not least, It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's almost the holidays! I absolutely love this time of year. The lights, the smells of cookies cooking, hot cocoa, gingerbread...love it! What are you lovelies asking for this year? Any holiday traditions? let me know! I'd love to hear. Our tradition is we always get our tree at the same place every year since I was little. I know thats not much of a tradition but to me it means a lot. The tree is my favorite part of Christmas!

Sorry is this was a short post, just wanted to let you guys know I'm still here!! :)
Hope all are well.

with love,
Giftofglamour8 xoxo

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's in my school bag?

Hey my loves! So back to school is right around the corner, and as much as I LOVE summer, I'm actually kinda looking forward to school...a little. I absolutely love supplies shopping and getting all of my things for school organized! I have yet to pick out a tote bag for school, but I know exactly what I will have in my bag. Hope this helps you get organized!

Here's what I will have...

Small things:
-Chapstick (Burt's Bees original)
- 3-4 Band-aids
-(mini) hand lotion from bath and body works
-(mini) Juicy Couture perfume (viva la juicy)
- Deodorant (you can find the mini travel size ones in any drugstore)
-Lipstick I am wearing that day
-Gum (trident is my favorite)
-A few dollars $$ or my wallet (Vera Bradley: "Carry It All Wristlet" in "Boysenberry")
-Glasses in my Vera Bradley case (also in the color "Boysenberry")
-Pads (gotta have those! I keep mine in a wristlet so no one knows)

Everything else:
-5 subject notebook (Mead: in pink)
-Laptop (sometimes)
-6 folders for my 6 subjects (All Labeled and different colors)
-Calculator (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition (in pink)
-A book of my choice or magazine (usually something fashion related. I am not a fan of reading, but a lot of times after tests, my teachers tell us to read, so I kind of need a book)
-Subject books that are given to us by the school
-Planner (from Walmart or Target)
-(mini) notebook ("Audrey Hepburn" from Target)

Pencil case:
I haven't gotten my pencil case yet either, but I am hoping to get a Vera Bradley one in the color "Boysenberry", but this is what it would include:
-Ticonderoga pencils (original and the black ones)
-3-4 highlighters
-Pens (usually good pens like pilot pens. I know they are expensive but in high school you need decent pens to take a lot of notes!)
-1-2 colored pens
-(mini) sticky notes
-A few paper clips and binder clips
-One more Chapstick

Now I know this is a lot to bring in my school bag, but It all fits! I hope this helps you guys :)
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Woah! Where did I go?! :)

Hey my loves. It's been oh so long and I've missed you quite terribly :( but I'm back! This post is going to be nothing but random, so I hope you're ready! First point of the day... I have lately been OBSESSED with making bracelets, like absolutely obsessed. This all started when I was on vacation camping with my family, which will soon bring me to my second point (oh no I'm getting carried away), anyways I had this weird urge to make bracelets, so when we got back I went to my closest craft store and bought a pack of string and started making bracelets! It's so fun and peaceful and it's also nice to make the bracelets for people! Just thought I would share this with you lovelies if you were looking for a random hobby!

Onto point 2.. So the main reason I've been gone, is because my family and I went camping for a week with a few other families. It was fun, but it was a bit rainy which is never fun when you are camping, in tents. I'm not going to get into too much detail, but it was fun!

Point 3! I've basically been loving stripes this time of year and this coming fall. I've been seeing them EVERYWHERE in the stores for back to school shopping, so I feel like they are going to be super trendy this year! Trends to look out for: Blazers, stripes, body-con skirts and dresses, and yet again, lace. This are the trend I have personally seen lately, even though I know there are plenty more, and when I discover them, I will most definitely let you all know!

Point 4: WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE? I'm super nervous to get back to school since I am entering my junior year in high school which is the biggest and most important year. I am also a little excited at the same time. I was wondering if you all could help me out? I'm on the hunt for a cute tote bag for school. I found a tote that I fell in love with from Vera Bradley, its the pleated tote (shown on the right) in the color boysenberry, but it's $84 which is super expensive!! I'm wondering if you guys know of any nice back to school totes that are under $50? If you do, let me know in the comments or email me at giftofglamour8@aol.com :) Thanks!

That's all the points I really wanted to touch upon. I hope you all are having a lovely last few weeks of summer and I will talk to you very soon.


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hey my loves! This is probably the quickest post ever, but just wanted to let you know I made a twitter!! :)
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~ Giftofglamour8

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What makes you happy?

I've been thinking a lot lately.. I feel like I start all my blog posts this way, but I seriously have been thinking a lot. Thinking of all that I am grateful for and all the little things that make me happy. I thought that for a blogpost, I would just list all the things that make me smile daily. Does that sound like a good idea? I hope so. These are the top 10 things that I am grateful for and make me smile..

1. Texts from my friends who I love so much <3
2. My baby ...AKA my camera.
3. Candles
4. Flowers
5. Coffee
6. Anything to do with fashion
7. Blogging
8. Sappy Romances movies
9. Music

10. Rain && Thunderstorm 

What Makes YOU happy?
Thank you loves for reading this! Means the world to me <3 Remember, always be happy!! :D

Love always, 

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love YOU!

Lately I have been listening to Taylor Swift, like I said in the previous post! Taylor makes me think! I feel like every song she writes is written for ME and I'm sure a ton of other girls feel the same way! I just thought I would make a post talking to you guys about LIFE! I guess you could call this an advice post if you'd like..I was actually thinking about doing advice posts as much as possible. I really feel that reading what others have gone through or others opinions on subjects helps me!
I want to first tell you girls/guys who do read my blog, if EVER you need advice or just need someone to vent to, I am ALWAYS here. I know sometimes it is hard to talk to your parents about personal issues and it is also hard to find true friends who will listen and keep all your secrets SAFE. I want you all to know that I love giving advice and I feel that everyone needs someone to talk to. Sometimes you just need to let your problems out and let someone know how you are feeling. Please don't hold back from emailing me if you have a question. I know I don't have many followers now, but if I do eventually, if any of you need to ask a question or just want advice, I'm here.

I just want all of you out there who have even stumbled upon this blog to know I love you. When you feel alone, I want you to know you are beautiful and never to change who you are. You are you, and that is what makes you special. No one can be who you are and there are no duplicates. I want anyone who reads this blog to know that anything you are going through that's a tough time will end! IT DOES GET BETTER! I promise you. Life can be hard sometimes and I totally understand that guys have their problems but PERSONALLY I feel that girls have a lot to deal with. I am not trying to be biased, I just personally feel that when girls have a problem, it escalates and guys seem to brush off the problem easier. I'm absolutely not saying that guys don't get hurt or don't have feelings, but I feel that girls deal with their problems a little deeper and their true emotions show through. I feel like girls don't always say how they feel. They bottle up their emotions and it usually ends in tears or some kind of big fight. I know for me I try to find a close friend to talk to.

Having friends you can trust and just sit and cry with is so special. I can't even explain how important it is to TRY to find someone you can trust no matter what. Surrounding yourself with even one person that you know will always be there for you is the key to true happiness. If you are someone who doesn't have a boyfriend, don't worry about it. You have plenty of time to look for the right one. I always tell my friends that you want to be a guys LAST never his second or third or fourth. Finding true love is all about picking through all the dead flowers to find the hidden garden. Yes I know how cheesy that sounds, but I mean that you will always find guys that are total jerks, then you will find guys that are nice, but just aren't the ones, and once you get past all of those guys, you will find the one. Life is all about TIMING. Never give up on something/someone you can't go a day without. I know sometimes when things don't work out little by little you need to let go, but you need to always take a chance in life. You don't want to look back someday and thing what could have or should have or would have been. I have friends who have amazing boyfriends and luckily everything has worked out for them and I am truly so happy for them. You need to respect yourself and make sure you never do anything that you are uncomfortable with just to get a guy because you thing that's the only way to get them. It's not. Wouldn't you rather have a guy that truly loves you? Not just loves you for the things you do. You should always put yourself first. I'm not saying you should be selfish and be bratty about it, but you are important and you deserve to be happy no matter what. I want you to know that whatever you have been through, leave it behind. Your past is your past, it doesn't matter anymore, all that matters is NOW. Live in the moment and make the most of everything you do in life, but whatever you are doing, make sure you are happy and have a smile on your face. You never know who is falling in love with your smile, so try to never frown.

I want to personally tell you it gets better! Thank you so much for reading this! It means the world to me. If you even need advice, please email me at giftofglamour8@aol.com

Thank you.
Love always,