Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: loreal liner intense eyeliner

Hey my loves!

So I wanted to talk to you a little about MY FAVORITE liquid eyeliner EVER! That would be the "loreal liner intense eyeliner" in carbon black. This eyeliner is absolutely amazing. I know last year this eyeliner was talked about all over YouTube and I didn't understand what the hype was about. I purchased this eyeliner sometime last year and used it up SO quickly.

Why I like it so much:
~All day wear (no smudging and stays on in the summer)
~Bold color, goes on BLACK, not shimmery, not brownish black or gray, BLACK.
~Last awhile
~Cheap for a liquid liner

Why I don't like it:
~I don't have anymore at the moment and I need to go out and buy a new one :]

If you are looking for an affordable long lasting bold liner, I definitely recommend this liner!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

How to get perfect summer skin!

Okay okay, Let's face it. There is NO SUCH THING as PERFECT skin. of course we can all get clear skin if we follow the right steps though! I've always had to deal with breakouts. Every single teen deals with some sort of skin issues that leave them feeling self consious. Some have it worse then others but we all deal with it once in our life, so don't feel bad if you are going through skin problems right now!

1) WASH YOUR FACE! I know it may seem obvious but a lot of people skip washing their face. Makeup wipes DO NOT count for washing your face!! Yes, you should definitely take your makeup off with a makeup wipe or you favorite makeup remover, but you should try to create a routined face washing. My routine is as followed: 1. Take off makeup using equate brand makeup wipes  2)Wash excess makeup off using Neutrogena's oil free acne WASH in pink grapefruit 3) Scrub my face "exfoliate" using Neutrogena's  oil free acne SCRUB in pink grapefruit 4) Wash my face one last time using a prescription from my doctor 5) Moisturize my skin using "oil of olay" (equate brand) face cream 6) Apply prescription cream to pimples 

2) GET SLEEP! This may seem like it would have nothing to do with your skin, but a full night of sleep is important for EVERTHING related to your body! Getting a good nights sleep replenishes your body and gives you energy but also replenishes the oils in your skin since you are not being exposed to the rays outside and you aren't exposed to anything that will harm your skin. *change your pillow sheet as often as possible because oils from your hair will end up on your pillow which can break you out!

3) WHERE SUNSCREEN when needed! Sunscreen helps prevent sunspots, cancer, and sunburn! Just because you are wearing sunscreen doesn't me you wont tan!!

4) DRINK WATER! Drinking water helped replenish the natural liquids in your body and wash out your system which helps prevent future breakouts!

5) DO NOT I repeat DO NOT pick at pimples!! Once you pop a pimple, it will NEVER go away! I promise you, you will have a scar. I know that you can find products to get rid of acne scars, but they don't completely work! A pimple will come and go when it pleases! Do not rush the process! I know it may be annoying if you have a pimple, but some natural ways to reduce the swelling are: apply honey with a band-aide, apply toothpaste, drink water, &  JUST WAIT!
Thank you so much for reading my blog! 
I hope these tips help you get the skin you want for the summer! <3 :]


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get a perfect smile :D

We all know summer is here and we all want bronzed skin, perfect complexion and the perfect nail color DUH! :P but what about your teeth? Just because it's summer, don't start getting lazy and brushing once a day!! Here are my tips on how to get the smile of your dreams, okay well not your dreams, but close enough! teehee :) 
My tips:
1) BRUSH! BRUSH! BRUSH! Many people miss the fact that the key to white teeth is having CLEAN TEETH! Getting plaque off of your teeth is the first step to finding that sparkling smile of yours :D
2) Use the right toothpaste! My favorite toothpaste brand is crest!
3) FLOSS! flossing is VERY important when it comes to having clean and pretty teeth! 
4) Do not drink too much coffee and sodas! I know I know, It's hard, I completely understand because I myself am a caffeine addict! I drink coffee daily and if I could, I'd drink nothing but coffee and soda! NOT GOOD! coffee, tea, and sodas STAIN your teeth PERMANENTLY...eek! Not only do these drink stain your teeth but they give u bad breath so if you do drink these drinks BRUSH afterwards! 
5) Find a good mouthwash! I recommend Listerine because it kills bad breath and germs the best. It's a stronger mouth wash, so if you have a sensitive mouth then I recommend trying it first before you buy a full size bottle! 

My favorite white strips are Listerine's because they are SUPER cheap and easy for on the go application! These strips dissolve on your teeth so if you are in a hurry you can put them on and leave the house with them on! The only down side to them is they taste horrible. After using them so many times I was so used to the taste that I didn't realize it. There are alternatives to whitening strips like whitening toothpaste and getting your teeth professionally whitened, but since i haven't tried either of those I couldn't tell you my opinion. 

Hope these tips helped! Keep on smiling :D
Have suggestions? Let me know! 
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Scents :)

Hey my loves!! Okay so let's talk about summer scents. We all know there are TONS of perfumes and lotions and body sprays, etc. but here are my tips for smelling fresh all summer long!! :) 
Dealing with B.O!
Okay, Let's face it my loves, we ALL have BO, but there are so many ways to deal with it! 
1) Buy the right deodorant for your body type,! There's spray on, stick, powder, & liquid roller.
2) Find a brand that you like, and stick with it, because sometimes switching deodorants all the time can irritate your skin causing breakouts, Eekk!! :P I personally have always used either "Dove" or "Sure" stick deodorant and they have always worked for me. If you are going to the beach, BRING your deodorant with you. Yeah it may seems silly, but most deodorants come off of your skin when you sweat or go in the water (even if they say "sweat proof", don't always believe the labels)
3) Drink a lot of H2O waterrrrr :) I know it's not something you'd think of, but replenishing your body with  liquids (the best being water) helps to keep you hydrated and your skin fresh! when you skin is dry and you're hot...its just eww! hahah :)
Difference between body sprays && perfume:
It's pretty simple, perfume is WAY more concentrated then body sprays! Some people get headaches from strong perfumes (like myself). When going to the beach, I personally suggest using a body spray since you are going to be sweating and you don't want to break out from your sprays you use, so use very little! Many brands now have sprays that go along with their deodorants like dove! I’ve never personally used them but I have friends who swear by there all day wear! :)
Hope these tips help! Happy Summer :] xoxox

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Skin Care!

Hello my loves! So let's talk summer skin!

Key tips:
1) Keep skin hydrated meaning drink you H2O :]
2) Moisturize moisturize moisturize! (I suggest moisturizing 2-3 times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before bed)
3) DO NOT sit in the sun for long time periods of time! (do not spend more than an hour in the sun and make sure to ALWAYS wear your sunscreen) PS: sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2-3 hours!!
4) DO NOT fake tan!! I know I know you may have dark bronzed friends and tanning booths seem so intriguing to you, but DON'T DO IT! skin cancer isn't impossible to get. Many girls think, if i go once nothing will happen, WRONGO! Just once can do the trick!
5) Exfoliate! for better tanning results exfoliate twice a week!
6) moisturize/hydrate and exfoliate those lips! :-*

My favorite summer skin care products:
1) Neutrogena oil free acne scrub in pink grapefruit
2) EOS lip balm in passion fruit
3) SUGAR is my absolute favorite lip exfoliant mixed with a little honey! :) yum! hehehe also, Lush has some awesome lip scrubs!! hehe

Hope these tips help! Enjoy your summer my loves!!

Let's talk CREAM BLUSH! (Maybelline's dream mousse blush)

Hello my loves! Summer is FINALLY here! Today is the first official day! So recently I was in the drugstore to pick up some haircare items, face wash, you know, the usual and I ran into the beauty isle (I couldn't leave without just looking [; )....

As I was walking through I was looking for a new eye-liner, but nothing caught my eye. Of course I always go into a store looking for one thing and end up leaving with something TOTALLY different. I looked through Maybelline and I found this "mousse" blush. I thought "hey, I'll give it a try" AHH! ATTENTION ALL MAKEUP GEEKS, this blush is AMAZING. overall rating 5 out of 5 

The consistency is perfect (doesn't go on too dark or too light)
The wear is amazing (stays on all day & goes on VERY smooth)
The colors are gorgeous :) (I got mine in #10 pink frosting)
I feel that this will work perfectly on all skin tones!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Favorite Nail polish of the moment!

Hello my Lovelies!! Lately I have been IN LOVE with this nail polish by OPI. It's called "bronzed to perfection. My description of the polish would be: If you buy gel self bronzer/tanner , the color of the polish on your nails looks exactly like the bronzer! I just absolutely love this color for the summer because it is perfect for all outfits and its a darker summer color for some of you who aren't a fan of brights and neons! :] You can purchase this nail polish for around 8-9 dollars.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the summer :]
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