Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get a perfect smile :D

We all know summer is here and we all want bronzed skin, perfect complexion and the perfect nail color DUH! :P but what about your teeth? Just because it's summer, don't start getting lazy and brushing once a day!! Here are my tips on how to get the smile of your dreams, okay well not your dreams, but close enough! teehee :) 
My tips:
1) BRUSH! BRUSH! BRUSH! Many people miss the fact that the key to white teeth is having CLEAN TEETH! Getting plaque off of your teeth is the first step to finding that sparkling smile of yours :D
2) Use the right toothpaste! My favorite toothpaste brand is crest!
3) FLOSS! flossing is VERY important when it comes to having clean and pretty teeth! 
4) Do not drink too much coffee and sodas! I know I know, It's hard, I completely understand because I myself am a caffeine addict! I drink coffee daily and if I could, I'd drink nothing but coffee and soda! NOT GOOD! coffee, tea, and sodas STAIN your teeth PERMANENTLY...eek! Not only do these drink stain your teeth but they give u bad breath so if you do drink these drinks BRUSH afterwards! 
5) Find a good mouthwash! I recommend Listerine because it kills bad breath and germs the best. It's a stronger mouth wash, so if you have a sensitive mouth then I recommend trying it first before you buy a full size bottle! 

My favorite white strips are Listerine's because they are SUPER cheap and easy for on the go application! These strips dissolve on your teeth so if you are in a hurry you can put them on and leave the house with them on! The only down side to them is they taste horrible. After using them so many times I was so used to the taste that I didn't realize it. There are alternatives to whitening strips like whitening toothpaste and getting your teeth professionally whitened, but since i haven't tried either of those I couldn't tell you my opinion. 

Hope these tips helped! Keep on smiling :D
Have suggestions? Let me know! 
I appreciate every single comment and suggestion, means the world to me to see people reading my blog! <3 thank you so much my loves!

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  1. A perfect smile is one of the best accessories one can carry. These tips can be very helpful in keeping the teeth white and healthy. There also other teeth whitening procedures rendered by dental experts. Do you still use those white strips, btw? It's good to make it a habit!

    Samuel Hershey