Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Scents :)

Hey my loves!! Okay so let's talk about summer scents. We all know there are TONS of perfumes and lotions and body sprays, etc. but here are my tips for smelling fresh all summer long!! :) 
Dealing with B.O!
Okay, Let's face it my loves, we ALL have BO, but there are so many ways to deal with it! 
1) Buy the right deodorant for your body type,! There's spray on, stick, powder, & liquid roller.
2) Find a brand that you like, and stick with it, because sometimes switching deodorants all the time can irritate your skin causing breakouts, Eekk!! :P I personally have always used either "Dove" or "Sure" stick deodorant and they have always worked for me. If you are going to the beach, BRING your deodorant with you. Yeah it may seems silly, but most deodorants come off of your skin when you sweat or go in the water (even if they say "sweat proof", don't always believe the labels)
3) Drink a lot of H2O waterrrrr :) I know it's not something you'd think of, but replenishing your body with  liquids (the best being water) helps to keep you hydrated and your skin fresh! when you skin is dry and you're hot...its just eww! hahah :)
Difference between body sprays && perfume:
It's pretty simple, perfume is WAY more concentrated then body sprays! Some people get headaches from strong perfumes (like myself). When going to the beach, I personally suggest using a body spray since you are going to be sweating and you don't want to break out from your sprays you use, so use very little! Many brands now have sprays that go along with their deodorants like dove! I’ve never personally used them but I have friends who swear by there all day wear! :)
Hope these tips help! Happy Summer :] xoxox


  1. Dove is always the brand I go to.. ^_^
    I don't like perfume with too strong scent as well! My head will spin in all the wrong way.. ^__^

    Good idea about body spray! I'll keep that mind!

    Oh yeah..hello! I'm a new follower, Shareena! ^__^

  2. @Shareena Thank you so much for following me, It means the world! Let me know what you'd like to see in the future...check out my youtube? :]