Friday, June 24, 2011

How to get perfect summer skin!

Okay okay, Let's face it. There is NO SUCH THING as PERFECT skin. of course we can all get clear skin if we follow the right steps though! I've always had to deal with breakouts. Every single teen deals with some sort of skin issues that leave them feeling self consious. Some have it worse then others but we all deal with it once in our life, so don't feel bad if you are going through skin problems right now!

1) WASH YOUR FACE! I know it may seem obvious but a lot of people skip washing their face. Makeup wipes DO NOT count for washing your face!! Yes, you should definitely take your makeup off with a makeup wipe or you favorite makeup remover, but you should try to create a routined face washing. My routine is as followed: 1. Take off makeup using equate brand makeup wipes  2)Wash excess makeup off using Neutrogena's oil free acne WASH in pink grapefruit 3) Scrub my face "exfoliate" using Neutrogena's  oil free acne SCRUB in pink grapefruit 4) Wash my face one last time using a prescription from my doctor 5) Moisturize my skin using "oil of olay" (equate brand) face cream 6) Apply prescription cream to pimples 

2) GET SLEEP! This may seem like it would have nothing to do with your skin, but a full night of sleep is important for EVERTHING related to your body! Getting a good nights sleep replenishes your body and gives you energy but also replenishes the oils in your skin since you are not being exposed to the rays outside and you aren't exposed to anything that will harm your skin. *change your pillow sheet as often as possible because oils from your hair will end up on your pillow which can break you out!

3) WHERE SUNSCREEN when needed! Sunscreen helps prevent sunspots, cancer, and sunburn! Just because you are wearing sunscreen doesn't me you wont tan!!

4) DRINK WATER! Drinking water helped replenish the natural liquids in your body and wash out your system which helps prevent future breakouts!

5) DO NOT I repeat DO NOT pick at pimples!! Once you pop a pimple, it will NEVER go away! I promise you, you will have a scar. I know that you can find products to get rid of acne scars, but they don't completely work! A pimple will come and go when it pleases! Do not rush the process! I know it may be annoying if you have a pimple, but some natural ways to reduce the swelling are: apply honey with a band-aide, apply toothpaste, drink water, &  JUST WAIT!
Thank you so much for reading my blog! 
I hope these tips help you get the skin you want for the summer! <3 :]



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