Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love YOU!

Lately I have been listening to Taylor Swift, like I said in the previous post! Taylor makes me think! I feel like every song she writes is written for ME and I'm sure a ton of other girls feel the same way! I just thought I would make a post talking to you guys about LIFE! I guess you could call this an advice post if you'd like..I was actually thinking about doing advice posts as much as possible. I really feel that reading what others have gone through or others opinions on subjects helps me!
I want to first tell you girls/guys who do read my blog, if EVER you need advice or just need someone to vent to, I am ALWAYS here. I know sometimes it is hard to talk to your parents about personal issues and it is also hard to find true friends who will listen and keep all your secrets SAFE. I want you all to know that I love giving advice and I feel that everyone needs someone to talk to. Sometimes you just need to let your problems out and let someone know how you are feeling. Please don't hold back from emailing me if you have a question. I know I don't have many followers now, but if I do eventually, if any of you need to ask a question or just want advice, I'm here.

I just want all of you out there who have even stumbled upon this blog to know I love you. When you feel alone, I want you to know you are beautiful and never to change who you are. You are you, and that is what makes you special. No one can be who you are and there are no duplicates. I want anyone who reads this blog to know that anything you are going through that's a tough time will end! IT DOES GET BETTER! I promise you. Life can be hard sometimes and I totally understand that guys have their problems but PERSONALLY I feel that girls have a lot to deal with. I am not trying to be biased, I just personally feel that when girls have a problem, it escalates and guys seem to brush off the problem easier. I'm absolutely not saying that guys don't get hurt or don't have feelings, but I feel that girls deal with their problems a little deeper and their true emotions show through. I feel like girls don't always say how they feel. They bottle up their emotions and it usually ends in tears or some kind of big fight. I know for me I try to find a close friend to talk to.

Having friends you can trust and just sit and cry with is so special. I can't even explain how important it is to TRY to find someone you can trust no matter what. Surrounding yourself with even one person that you know will always be there for you is the key to true happiness. If you are someone who doesn't have a boyfriend, don't worry about it. You have plenty of time to look for the right one. I always tell my friends that you want to be a guys LAST never his second or third or fourth. Finding true love is all about picking through all the dead flowers to find the hidden garden. Yes I know how cheesy that sounds, but I mean that you will always find guys that are total jerks, then you will find guys that are nice, but just aren't the ones, and once you get past all of those guys, you will find the one. Life is all about TIMING. Never give up on something/someone you can't go a day without. I know sometimes when things don't work out little by little you need to let go, but you need to always take a chance in life. You don't want to look back someday and thing what could have or should have or would have been. I have friends who have amazing boyfriends and luckily everything has worked out for them and I am truly so happy for them. You need to respect yourself and make sure you never do anything that you are uncomfortable with just to get a guy because you thing that's the only way to get them. It's not. Wouldn't you rather have a guy that truly loves you? Not just loves you for the things you do. You should always put yourself first. I'm not saying you should be selfish and be bratty about it, but you are important and you deserve to be happy no matter what. I want you to know that whatever you have been through, leave it behind. Your past is your past, it doesn't matter anymore, all that matters is NOW. Live in the moment and make the most of everything you do in life, but whatever you are doing, make sure you are happy and have a smile on your face. You never know who is falling in love with your smile, so try to never frown.

I want to personally tell you it gets better! Thank you so much for reading this! It means the world to me. If you even need advice, please email me at

Thank you.
Love always,


  1. Omg I think this is the best post I've read today! Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Love you too!

  2. @evilnymphstuff Aww thank you so much. That means the world to me <3

  3. Everything is nothing front of Love!